Designer flaws –

Designer flaws

All people make mistakes. Only the wise learn from them.

Winston Churchill   


Designers often forget to ask for a project’s or a brand’s background.

Before undertaking a project, don’t forget to study all the materials relating to it – fonts, guidelines, brand books etc. For some reason, project managers and clients think this stage is not important and want to see a design ASAP. But remember – you have the right for a necessary time to study the project.

This would allow you to set things straight at once, get into the right state of mind and minimize misunderstandings and corrections.


Designer is scared to ask or clarify something.

You have to ask all the needed questions, which would allow you to build the logic behind the design. Technical demands aside, make sure you clarify where your design work would be placed. This would allow you to understand what needs to be done for everything to look the right way. Don’t forget to get as much info as possible about a user’s path – how would one come to your design, what would one see on the way etc.

Remember – the more right questions you ask, the fewer corrections you would have to make in the end. Designers very often neglect that in their work, thinking that all these details are irrelevant because they are not directly related to their work. In reality, this is not the case.


Designers work on a “I was told – I have to do this” principle.

Do not be afraid to ask your client for an advice – if you see that the tasks set in front of you lack materials, or if you feel that something could be altered or completely changed in order for your work to make sense and work effectively.

Designers very often neglect that and do exactly as they were told. No need to be that shy in this case!


Designers are in a rush to do everything as quickly as possible.

You are moving too fast! Sounds like something improbable, right? You work on an hourly rate, a client has a tight budget – and you are asked to do a top product. Too often speed is not synonymous with quality. It is very important to learn to optimize and use your time effectively. Automate, multi-task, use hot keys – but never be in a haste to do something which requires thorough evaluation and research. You have to make your client or a project manager know – you need more time to finish the job with higher quality! And it shall be given to you!

Many of the mistakes listed above happen because we forget that the main success behind any project lies in team work. It is much more effective than solitary work. That is why a designer, just like any other team member, has to communicate more with the colleagues, cast off doubts, ask questions and share ideas. This is the main formula for success at any project.

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