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Go digital ASAP: how COVID-19 pandemic is re-shaping the digital industry.

We’ve been in business for more than seven years, and most of our team members have had experience dealing with major economic crises in the past. 

Over time, we’ve learned how to optimize our business processes to adjust to the changing market demand and make sure our clients are successful in turbulent times.

What’s happening in the digital market right now.

It always works in the same way. Due to initial uncertainty market shrinks, clients put their long-term projects on hold or slow down the pace to optimize expenses.

After a few weeks of stagnation, some projects shut down completely. Normally, these are the projects with no potential revenue in the nearest foreseeable future.

Other types of projects pop up. They are mostly focused on immediate outcome, quick revenue, and aggressive online sales.

How we can help you respond to the new virus outbreak:

  1. Cut off the bells and whistles that can wait and focus on the stuff that keeps you afloat. We can help you distill the main things that can keep your business up and running online. 
  2. Trim expenses by automating business processes that can be automated and are inefficient.
  3. Run a UX/UI audit of your digital solution. Whether it’s an e-commerce project, web platform, or a lead gen website, we can see where you are losing clients and/or revenue.
  4. Improve the flow and increase the effectiveness of your digital media by focusing on the most problematic parts.

Some examples of what we’ve done recently for our existing clients

Client: E-commerce

Problem: Sales slow down because the product is not a necessity and consumers tend to save money and hold of on purchasing “nice-to-haves.”


  1. Extend the product list to include more of the essential day-to-day products.
  2. Re-group product categories on the website to fit the changing needs of the consumer.
  3. Offer and promote contactless delivery.
  4. Add additional online payment methods.
  5. Add online support, i.e. chat.

Client: Real estate platform

Problem: Renting market shrinks tremendously and website ROI goes down.


  1. Offer and promote new services like video tours.
  2. Introduce online applications and online fee payments.
  3. Create a landing page that explains how the market is changing and the benefits of renting real estate right now.

Client “C” (Luxury taxi service)

This is the most radical pivot we’ve done so far.

Instead of launching a luxury taxi service, our client decided to launch a delivery service until the pandemic dissolves.

Problem: taxi market and especially luxury services go down.

Solution: we came up with a quick online solution that allows clients to create shopping lists and order groceries from the local stores.

The project launched last week and already has a growing database of clients. The client database will migrate back to the original business concept when they are ready.


During these uncertain times we still need to push our economy forward, support our communities, and minimize the Coronavirus’s impact on the global markets.

Let’s discuss how we can help you quickly and effectively:

  1. Launch a new business or startup (literally within days).
  2. Re-format and optimize your existing online solution.
  3. Cut costs and increase the ROI on your current online platform or online application.

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Stay safe and be strong!

Artem Gorodetsky
CEO at AG.digital

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