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Our approach to working with startups

Our Workflow

Going Beyond UI Design

We are originally a design firm and most of our clients find us when looking for professional assistance in the design field. But over the course of years, our practice expanded to more than just designing and deploying interfaces or working on digital collateral.

designstudio.AG was originally a design firm where most our clients wanted professional assistance in design. Over the course of the past few years though our practices have expanded beyond design. Today, designstudio.AG deploys interfaces and works on digital collateral.

More and more clients collaborate with our agency to shape and improve their overall user experience. You can’t design a perfect app or a website if you are not sure about things such as your target audience, competitors, their advantages and possible opportunities. It is this knowledge that we confidently give to our clients to help make their businesses far more successful.

Let’s admit it, your client experience will never be perfect if the user lands on a great landing page, calls the phone in the header but doesn’t get what they expected. That’s why we developed an algorithm that helps us and our clients find the best user experience from start to finish.

How We Help Our Clients Shape Their Ideas

Together we work to create an overall digital strategy with our clients.

  • We interview the stakeholders and try to define the strengths and weaknesses  of the project. Sometimes these brainstorms lead to decent changes in the product positioning.
  • We come up with a list of competitors and put together a SWOT-chart that helps us understand which features we can highlight to build a strong online presence and stand out from the competitors.
  • We help define digital channels to promote the client’s goods or services. Obviously the content we promote must be adjusted to the target audience we are aiming at. Knowing promotion channels helps us use the right visuals that will work for this specific audience.
  • We help the client build sales funnels, providing all the necessary digital solutions that are consistent throughout all media channels.
  • Once the product is launched, we gather statistics and lead client surveys to improve the user experience.

If you are an emerging startup, make sure to reach out to us so we can discuss the ways to help you reach your business goals immediately and effectively.

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