BizCast - web portal for a video content company –

BizCast - web portal for a video content company

A Chicago-based company highlighting leaders in multiple industries

BizCast cuts through the noise and clutter with engaging, journalistic-style videos that position our client companies as thought leaders in their industries.

Whether it’s a shampoo manufacturer or a data analytics company, every firm can benefit from a compelling story showcasing why they matter in the marketplace.

Let’s Start From Scratch

Although BizCast used to have a website before the company was acquired by GTM, that old version was too far from the industry standards. The design was outdated, the navigation complicated, and the dashboard painful. Company management decided to start from scratch. Creating a graphic logo that we could use as a watermark for all footages was a good start.


A brief list of UI elements that were added or improved in order to boost users’ interest and engagement are: a simple 1-level menu and all navigation that fits the site header, better & bigger and better sharing buttons, and a clean, straightforward layout accompanied by updated filtering tools.

Scope of Work

The fully renovated BizCast required a lot of care. For instance, together with the updated website, the changes during the website reinvention were carefully made in order that the branding remained consistent through all the media channels.

The most challenging part of this project design-wise was to create a new media that would work for all of the multiple industries featured on the web site. It had to be clean, straightforward, and classic for old-school firms – but at the same time, modern enough to work for progressive high tech companies.

To do this, we created a combination of a classic layout with brighter, appealing colors, accompanied by bold – sometimes aggressive – typography, and engaging pictures.

Marketing Collateral

In addition to the website, we developed and designed a whole set of marketing collateral to make all of the company’s graphic assets convey a consistent message. This sales sheet was designed following the updated company’s styleguide.

Total UX Improvement

As most of the company’s clients come from the web, BizCast’s website was designed to become the primary selling tool. We made sure that users’ interactions with the company are easy and seamless across all media and that the updated resource builds trust with the current clients and the prospects.

The Result

Increased user engagement (14% more monthly users, 23% more sharing), lower bounce rate, and a nicer, modern look of the project allowing that allows the client to collaborate with world-famous brands like NBC and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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