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Blabbr Messaging App

A fast, responsive, and secure messaging app alternative

The team behind Blabbr are real pros in the creation and launching of innovative products. Blabbr, a messaging app, is their latest project. Its main benefits are simplicity, speed, and security.

Material Design

A quick setup, convenient chatting screens, a plain and easy to use interface – these are things we wanted to keep in mind while creating layouts for Blabbr. Material design was chosen as the main technique, allowing us to quickly draft and employ the MVP within a couple of weeks.


To make sure we had all of the elements we needed from the UX standpoint, we created a series of wireframes for the Blabbr app in Axure. Once approved, we moved on to the actual design in Sketch.

UI Component framework

Using a UI framework helps speed up both design and front-end development processes dramatically. While a good UI kit contains hundreds of elements that are really easy to implement, there’s always a number of things that need to be customized or even created from scratch.

iOs vs Android

It’s always easier to design an app for a specific operating system. When we design apps for both Android and iOs, we need to keep in mind a whole bunch of things that differentiate these two environments. Multiple screen resolutions in Android, a physical back button, various UX patterns – all of these nuances should be considered and the two versions should be tweaked accordingly.

The Result

We managed to design a simple, fast, and easy to use alternative messenger within the tight deadlines set up by the management team.

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