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R&R Telecom

When we began this project, we were faced with a site that had been created quite a while ago – one that was sending users back to the early 2000s. We gave it a minor face lift in 2011 and in early 2016, redesigned the website from scratch.

Where We Started

R&R’s old site was an old school web page crammed with tons of text content – a no-go for a modern telecom company aiming at a tech savvy audience. From an effectiveness standpoint, it was like most of the websites of the mid 2000s – merely conveying random information with no clear calls to action that would prompt a user to contact a sales rep for a quote. We had to solve these problems.

Whether it’s a shampoo manufacturer or a data analytics company, every firm can benefit from a compelling story showcasing why they matter in the marketplace.

Things To Consider

Much of the text information had to be retained for educational and SEO purposes, but we were able to eliminate the 3D level menu. It was a distracting page element that made it difficult for users to find what they needed.
How do you design a site that’s serious enough to attract a conservative corporate audience but still has a sense of fun? The previous version looked more like a device manual and we wanted to avoid that textbook feeling.

To create this reality, we asked an R&R superhero for help. This dude was a developer on R&R marketing campaigns a couple of years ago. We thought his insight would inspire the fun and diversity we were looking for in the project.

Improving Business Metrics

One of the main goals of the project was to make the website an effective business tool – as opposed to a small telecom-wikipedia. We developed a few CTA sections and deployed online chat. Statistics show that the online chat is generating 2-3 leads per week – that’s a good take for a company of this scale.

The Result

Here’s what we achieved: a 60% increase in quote requests, a new lead-generation channel through online chat that proved to be an effective business tool, plus a more attractive and modern look and feel across the entire site, client dashboard, and e-marketing collateral.

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