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Softspot – startup project from Arizona

Develop a unique platform that connects pet owners and vets


Our team has designed and brought to life their new platform which will help pet owners get consultations and/or assistance from vets - in just one click.
SoftSpot is a startap company based out of Arizona - with ambitious goals and with an innovative approach to digitalizing veterinarian services. Working on this project has been a genuine and professional challenge, which we gladly accepted and, to our delight, have managed to complete.

The Team

  • Project Manager
  • UX/ UI Designer
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Testing crew

The Mission

The main mission - developing a user-friendly online platform for both pet owners and vets. As well as making the process of getting a vet consultation simpler and automatic – by means of implementing digital technologies.

Far-reaching mission - change the culture and approach of pet owners – by allowing them to take advantage of the perk of what this new online service has to offer.

  1. The future “Uber” of the pet-caring market SoftSpot is the first company which aims at revolutionary transformation of vet services – from offline to online.
  2. Large-scale project Development of UX strategy, design of websites and apps, programming etc.
  3. User-friendly online service for pet owners
    • You no longer have to take your pet to a clinic and wait in long lines
    • Stress-free assistance for your pets – vet consultations are received online, without the need of leaving the comfort of your own home
    • Receive professional help from trusted veterinarians online
  4. User-friendly online service for vets
    • Structured and systemized information about a pet – with records of previous illnesses and visits
    • Access to database of your patients and fully structured information about them
    • Convenient online communication with clients – 24/7
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The Veterinary Website

The system consists of two parts – for clients and vets.
Project manager
Development of UX strategy and design of website and apps
Front-end development
In the beginning, the development of UX strategy, website and apps design work was kickeded off. After two weeks, the Front-End development department joined in – to speed up the design process. A week later, back-end development began – to complement front-end development, save time and optimize resources.
Project Management
UX/ UI Design
Launch and Support
Front-end Development
Final Testing
Back-end Development

Testing the Website – before and after the launch

Testing the website was scheduled right before launch, while the final tests were held right after the launch. Subsequent technical support and optimization had been extended for an extra two weeks.

The Mobile App


For Apple users – we have developed an iOS app for SoftSpot; which can be used to get a quick consultation or assistance from a vet.

After the launch and real-life testing, we will develop and launch the Android version of the App. This sequential approach to the app launch will allows us to save time and resources, as well as provide users with effective solutions.

The Result

As a result of the project, the customer will get a multi-faced solution - both in terms of branding and in terms of managing processes. Pet owners will be able to receive assistance as soon as they need it, and they won’t have to worry about phone calls or cues. Vets will be able to quickly and effectively manage their workload, as well as serve customers with maximum quality.
We are huge fans of the SoftSpot project and are confident that it can become the Uber of the pet-caring market. Result

The Conclusions

Working with ambitious young projects and companies is always interesting – especially when they are innovative by themselves and are aiming at changing the general behavioral model of consumers. We are happy to have taken part in such an exciting project and bringing it to life in an original and creative way.
We believe that SoftSpot has many opportunities for growth and development, and we will be more than happy to contribute to any future endeavors.
Caleb Sorenson
Digital Product Manager, SoftSpot
Phoenix, AZ, USA

I have used designstudio.AG’s services for almost an entire year for a variety of projects including UX design, web development, and graphic design. Over the course of these projects they have consistently provided incredible work that has surpassed my expectations every single time. They respond quickly to feedback, adhere to agile best practices, and provide expert advice on everything I have done with them and I cannot recommend them enough for their talent, work ethic, and commitment. I can throw anything at this team and they always knock it out of the park!

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