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Online portal for a food company

Founded in 1964, VV Supremo is one of the most prolific US producers of cheeses and other dairy products. This company with over 240 employees has been one of the  market leaders for more than 50 years.

The company’s old website didn’t match the strong VV Supremo brand. It also had multiple UX aspects that needed to be improved.


A few things we want users to do on the website:

Browse quality, fresh cheeses and other groceries; get access to the full catalog and as well as nutritional information; quickly find directions to the nearest offline store brick and mortar; and also view, utilize, and share recipes.

VV Supremo owns an extremely wildly popular Youtube channel with some of the videos boasting dozens of thousands of views.


Although original prototypes developed by the client were tweaked and updated many times, those prototypes were extremely helpful in terms of understanding the client’s vision and expectations for the layout and general look and feel of the web project.

If you are planning to launch your own web project, I highly recommend starting with wireframes, no matter if whether they are created in a specialized app or just by hand. This seem-to-be seemingly simple process makes will have a huge impact on your understanding of how the project will function. And it It will also helps you save you a lot of time and  money on both design and development.


VV Supremo recipes are the most sharable part of the content on the website. To draw more attention to the recipes we have designed various themes for different categories.

Most of the website features are integrated with third-party tools used by the client’s marketing team, – such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Slack. This helps the company quickly and effectively track user activity and provides necessary help to the users when needed. This is extremely important in a highly-competitive market where brand reputation matters a lot.

The Result

Together in collaboration with the great Got.It team and the client’s marketing department, we were able to design a fresh and vibrant looking website, based on modern coding technologies. The site is intended to emphasize the company’s progressive insights while honoring its traditions.

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